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Appendix IL

Fahr., absolute pressure leftward to any scale, entropy rightward
to any scale calling </> at ioo° = o, and specific volume downward
by a method to be described. Construct the tf curve from p. 7 7 7,
and;r0 curves as already explained; then take any point A on the
// curve and draw a tangent c n. Project AEG horizontally and
B E vertically; and make KF li CD. Next project GF downward

to cut E F, and draw F H horizontally., , o H is now to be divided
according to .the specific volume at the given temperature, and
thus a scale of volumes is obtained from which the saturation
curve /V can be drawn. Following the construction described,
the radial lines j, K, L, M, N, p, Q are next found, which are lines
of constant temperature. Now take any indicator card, as at